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Chinese National Influenza Center to be the 5th WHO Collaborating Center for Reference and Research on Influenza Soon

Article source: Date time:2009-11-20

  From 10-12 November 2009, a mission dispatched by the World Health Organization (WHO) visited Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC) to make the final assessment on the performance of China National Influenza Center (CNIC) in fulfilling the requirements for functioning as a WHO Collaborating Centre (WHO CC) for Reference and Research on Influenza.  CNIC informally requested to be designated as a WHO CC on Influenza in August 2007.  Since then, a number of WHO consultations and assessment activities were made.

  In recent years, CNIC has made great achievements in national influenza surveillance and capacity strengthening in prevention and control of influenzas in certain areas.  At the same time, CNIC have contributed its important part to the global efforts on mitigating the harms of seasonal influenza epidemics and influenza pandemics.

  On 12 November 2009, after extensive series of talks on CNIC achievements, in-depth discussions with CNIC, China CDC and Ministry of Health, and a field visit on the CNIC facilities on China CDC new campus, the WHO Mission unanimously agreed that WHO should formally designate the CNIC as a WHO CC.  Standard WHO administrative procedures would be completed in the near future.

  This WHO mission was led by the Assistant Director-General Dr. Keiji Fukuda and composed of all the four current WHO CC Directors and some other officials and experts.  China Minister of Health Dr. Chen Zhu met with the mission and assured them with government commitments on sustainable financial and manpower supports and timely sharing of information and virus strains.